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The north of Portugal is a region where places of touristic interest and importance abound, with its open air markets, traditional festivities, historical architecture, regional cuisine, museums, cultural events etc. It is also gifted with excellent nature and beaches ideal for those fond of sports and open air activities.


We could not list them all, so in order to help you know all that it on offer, we provide you below with links to the websites of places of touristic interest you can visit while staying at Quinta de Malta.


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Gardens / Terraces


Around the house you can find beatiful wide gardens and panoramic terraces. The garden furniture was carefully chosen to allow you to comfortably enjoy the silence and natural beauty of our Quinta.





The Swimming Pools


The open air pool benefits itself from a amazing view over the valley. We have a large swimming pool for adults and a small swimming pool for children.





The Tennis Court


The tennis court is located on a higher plateau, allowing it to offer you amazing views while you play. We also provide tennis racktes.





Passeios de Bicicleta


Quinta de Malta can lend montain bikes for those nature lovers that want to ride through our beatiful valley. We have mountain bikes for adults and children.





Mini Gym


Close to the pool and the changing rooms, we have created a mini gym equipped with several cardio fitness machines. The access is free. Enjoy!







The Varandão Lounge
This is the space in the house with the best views over the valley. It is a sitting area located in the first floor, perfect for relaxation and reading. We have many books for you to read, including books about the region. The area also is equipped with confortable sofas, fireplace, TV, DVD, chess, domino etc.






Games / Meeting Room
Located in front o fthe house, where the old celler used to be, this space is equipped with a snooker table and table football. It is also equipped with a large screen with “data show” and DVD.







The Eira Lounge
This is a large area, where dinners may also be served. It has a TV, DVD, and Ping Pong table and is decorated to allow you to spend relaxing times in there.








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